OACHE Hosts Credit-Flexibility Constituent Conversation

On January 14 the OACHE hosted a constituent conversation on a proposed credit-flexibility plan for Ohio high schools. The plan, being developed by the Carnegie Design Team in compliance with state legislation in Senate Bill 311, would enable Ohio students to earn high-school credits based on a demonstration of subject-area competency, instead of or in combination with hours of classroom instruction.

Approximately 35 attendees participated in the January 14 conversation. The purpose of the meeting was to (1) gain feedback from stakeholders in southeastern Ohio about how this provision can be successfully implemented and what’s needed to ensure the vision of graduating all Ohio students becomes real, and (2) help early adopters to position themselves to get positive results – and to help larger numbers of students to graduate with postsecondary credits and work experiences that reflect the necessary preparation for success beyond high school.

The Ohio Department of Education is holding similar constituent conversations throughout Ohio on the proposed credit-flexibility plan. For more information about the proposal or other meeting details, visit www.education.ohio.gov and search using the keywords "credit flexibility." You can also download the plan brochure here.

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