Monroe County High School Seniors Attend “A Day in the Life…”

’A Day in the LifeThrough an OACHE-funded program, Monroe County high school seniors visited Ohio University Eastern Campus this week to experience “A Day in the Life.”

Seniors from Swiss Hills Career Center visited on Monday, and seniors from Beallsville High School and River High School visited on Wednesday, to see what it would be like to be a college student, and what their lives may be like ten years from now.

Students were able to tour the campus, learn about financial-aid opportunities, and attend a college class. “It’s fun going to different colleges to see how different they are and what fits you better,” said Swiss Hills Career Center senior Christa Ayers.

All students also participated in a reality exercise to see what life might be like when they are 28 years old. They first chose what career they hoped to pursue. They also made decisions about their future family: whether or not they would be married, whether or not they would have children and if so, how many. Then staff members told the students how much their monthly salary would be.

Given that information, the students then visited different stations to rent or buy a house; buy a car; pay taxes; make entertainment choices, including vacations and internet packages; secure auto and homeowners or renters insurance as necessary; and buy groceries for the family.

It was a reality check for students about the impact of their education and life choices on their expenses and standard of living. “One student who said he was going to have seven children, quickly ran out of money,” said Jennifer Kellner, the coordinator of the event.

The campus visits, including all busing and lunches, were made possible through a grant to Ohio University Eastern Campus from the Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education (OACHE). With the grant money, Ohio University Eastern Campus created the program Creating Opportunities Necessary to Access College Today (CONTACT), to help Monroe County students gain more information about the possibilities of attending college.

For more information about the CONTACT program, contact Jennifer Kellner, OU-Eastern’ss Recruitment & OACHE Program Coordinator, at 740-699-2347, toll-free at 1-800-648-3331, or by email at

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