Appalachian Leadership Academy Registration OPEN

The OACHE, Ohio University Institute of Democracy and Eastern Kentucky University have partnered to offer a professional development academy lead by practicing Appalachian educators.  The Academy will be held at Ohio University Southern campus in Ironton, Ohio.

The Appalachian Leadership Academy will provide professional development for educational leaders within the Appalachian region which acknowledges the unique challenges and strengths characterizing rural schools and communities. The academy will consist of two full day sessions  (February 27th and June 12th) with web based interaction between sessions.  Ohio University credit will be available at $88 per quarter hour credit (maximum of 4 credits).


To create and nurture a rural community of learners by providing professional development opportunities delivered by rural practitioners.

To introduce a leadership model that is culturally-responsive and explicitly attentive to the unique challenges and strengths which characterize rural Appalachian schools and communities (Johnson, Shope, & Roush, 2009).

To facilitate structured discussions regarding current issues which promote insight and immersion in the rural context through the use of tools such as data gathering and analysis, community asset mapping, and provide participants with resources via a membership in rural organizations (RSIN).

To utilize an Academy approach which engages participants as rural “fellows” via a sustainable, professional network of learners who promote rural leadership uniqueness in working to better Appalachian schools and communities.

We invite you to join us. Register on line at Appalachian Leadership Academy.

Questions?  Contact Brenda Haas 866-466-2243 or

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