New TG Grant Application Now Available!

October 1, 2009

The OACHE has received a grant award notification from the TG Public Benefit Grant Program. This TG grant will fund OACHE college access activities for 6 school districts within the Ohio Appalachian counties.

The selection process will be based on criteria of low property wealth, high percentage of students eligible for free/reduced school lunch, low educational attainment of citizens in the district, geographic distribution, and evidence of total school buy-in.

For selected schools, the OACHE will support a college access coordinator to:

  • work 20 hours weekly within the district to help schedule and present college access activities;
  • survey students at various grade levels on their awareness of postsecondary opportunities;
  • plan a primary-level activity with the students on college access;
  • deliver Kids2College programming to either the 5th or 6th grade students;
  • plan and present to parent and guardians on the college going process;
  • assist school counselor/administrator in ordering and administration of EXPLORE and PLAN assessments (the grant will pay for the students’ cost);
  • assist seniors with college selection, application and admission issues;
  • assist in scheduling a college application fair for the district seniors

The college access coordinator assigned to the district will be monitored by the OACHE. The college access coordinator will provide the school district and OACHE with a recent copy of his/her state and federal background check. The coordinator will work closely with a district-level contact person in designing, scheduling and deployment of the grant activities. The EXPLORE and PLAN assessments will be purchased for the school by the OACHE (through TG grant funding).

What is expected of the selected school district:

  • provide the college access coordinator a district-level contact person for communicating the ongoing goals and planned grant activities;
  • register for and attend the OACHE fall conference in Chillicothe (Oct 15 & 16);
  • participate in promotion of the TG grant college access activities, district- and community-wide;
  • use the additional $10,000 to be given to the district for college-access activities (e.g., ACT preparation, college campus visits, displays, career fairs, college fairs, parent engagement meetings)
  • submit a final narrative of the grant activities listing the number of students impacted, funding with dates and description, by June 15, 2010
  • work to create a college-going culture within the school district and community

How to apply

Complete, print and fax the attached application with an authorizing letter to submit signed by your superintendent to the OACHE office by Thursday, October 8th 1-740-351-3186 (4 p.m. deadline) Please be concise in your answers. The grant selection committee will meet on Friday, October 9th. Selected schools will be notified via email and/or phone ASAP. Any questions? Call the OACHE office at 866-466-2243. Thank you!

Click here for Application:

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