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posted 01.27.2015 at 1:22 a.m. by Laura Risler

Welcome to the newly redesigned OACHE website! As you can see, our site has a fresh new look and feel. But even more than that, I’d like to point out some valuable new interactive features that I hope you will make use of.

Of course, you’ve discovered the blog. For those who aren’t familiar with blogs, this feature provides a forum to introduce topics of mutual interest and enable you to post responses, as well as read others’ responses. While the posts will often be OACHE staff, we’ll also occasionally invite guest bloggers to post on topics related to college access.

Another new resource is our online calendar.High quality the best and most fashionable replica watchesfake watches online of the replica watches store. We will try to keep this calendar updated with events of the OACHE and grantees, as well as other dates of general interest to those in education and college access. We also invite you to submit events for possible addition to the calendar.

Finally, please check out our new scholarship database and Ideas That Work sections. The scholarship database will be updated with information on scholarships available to students in Appalachian Ohio; in addition to basic details such as deadlines, general eligibility criteria and deadlines, you will find links to get more information and apply. Our new Ideas That Work section showcases low- and no-cost activities that have proven effective at encouraging more students to aspire to and prepare for college. We are currently populating this section with activities submitted by K-12 schools and colleges across our region. We also welcome your submittals.

Finally, please note that you can subscribe to an RSS feed (see link in the right-hand sidebar) that will notify you (via email or in your RSS feed aggregator) when this blog has been updated. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed for our news updates.

We’re excited about our new website, and we hope you will take advantage of all the resources and interactivity features it has to offer. Now it’s your turn...

Brenda S. Haas

OACHE Executive Director

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It’s FAFSA Season

posted 01.27.2015 at 1:20 a.m. by Gina

The 2009-10 FAFSA forms are now available.  You may download both an English and Spanish version of the paper FAFSA at the link below:


The FAFSA worksheets are available in color or black/white at the following link:


Also, check out the new option for students with limited internet access needing to file their FAFSA:


New FAFSA Filing Option:  FAFSA On The Phone

Federal Student Aid has launched a new initiative that offers

the option for students and parents to complete the FAFSA over the phone. In liew of filing the FAFSA online or mailing in a paper FAFSA, students and parents can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC) and file by phone.

As noted in the information at this link, Federal Student Aid is rolling out this project in a controlled pilot in three states -- West Virginia, Indiana, and Rhode Island.  However, any student fitting the description for this project is welcome to use this option.  OACHE is happy to assist in making students aware of this option so that the number of paper FAFSA’s filed in those states may be reduced.

And, for advisors, the final PDF of the 2009-10 Counselors and Mentors Handbook has been posted at (the link to the handbook is on the home page,High quality the best and most fashionable replica watchesfake watches online of the replica watches store under the heading "Counselor Resources").

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Relief for Federal Student Loan Borrowers

posted 01.27.2015 at 1:18 a.m. by Teresa

U.S. Education Secretary Duncan Announces Relief for Federal Student Loan Borrowers

Income-Based Repayment Available Starting July 1

Starting July 1, a new repayment option is available that makes monthly payments more affordable for Americans with heavy federal student loan burdens. The new Income-Based Repayment (IBR) plan protects borrowers by linking payments to income and family size. A related new program offers additional benefits to those working in public service jobs.

"We know many graduates are concerned about their ability to repay student loans in the current economic environment," said U.S.High quality the best and most fashionable cheap rolexcheap fake watches online of the replica watches store. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. "This new plan addresses the issue head on by giving them the option of a monthly payment tied to their income."

The new IBR program is available to borrowers repaying new and existing federal student loans (Direct or Federal Family Education Loans). Those with high student loan debt relative to their income are likely to be eligible for the IBR program, resulting in reduced monthly payments and, in some cases, no monthly payments.

For example, someone with student loan debt of $25,000 at 6.8 percent interest would have a monthly payment of $288 under the standard 10-year repayment plan. If the borrower were single with no dependents and had an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $30,000, the monthly payment would drop to $172 per month, a reduction of $116 per month, or 40 percent under the IBR Program.

Payments are recalculated each year. The lower payments may result in longer repayment periods and increased interest charges. While individual lenders determine eligibility, borrowers can use a new to estimate monthly payments and eligibility. To apply for IBR, borrowers should contact their lender.

Borrowers who work in public service may be eligible to receive an additional benefit while using IBR: after 10 years, any remaining loan balance may be canceled.High quality the best and most fashionable replica watchesfake watches online of the replica watches store. This Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is available only in the Direct Loan Program to borrowers making payments while working full-time in schools, government or many nonprofit organizations. (Borrowers with Federal Family Education Loans can consolidate their loans into the Direct Loan Program in order to tap into this benefit.)

More detailed information about IBR and other repayment plans is available from the Department of Education at 1-800-4-FED-AID or

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Appalachian Treasure: Quilts on Display

posted 01.27.2015 at 1:17 a.m. by Gina

I recently had the pleasure of viewing more than 50 quilts of Nina Maxine Green Groves.have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazine articles and exhibitions throughout the tri-state area and served as the inspiration for the "Quilt Barn Project," where painted replicas of quilt squares are placed on barns throughout southern Ohio.  My pictures do not do justice to the wonderful artistry involved in Maxine’s quilts; I encourage you to visit the exhibit on display throughout 2008 in the Homestead Museum in Rio Grande, Ohio.High quality the best and most fashionable cheap rolexcheap fake watches online of the replica watches store.

Donna Sue Groves, Maxine’s daughter, initiated the in Adams County, and although it’s in the early stages, a National quilt Barn Trail (or as some call it, the Clothesline of Quilt Barns) is spreading and now encompasses 16 counties in Ohio.  There are 23 states currently participating in their own quilt barn trail projects.  It is estimated that over 1500 colorful quilt squares now adorn barns, flood walls, and other significant farm and community buildings.  All projects are similar but they are shaped by each community’s own values, vision, heritage, and cultural assets.


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Teaching Ambassador Fellowship

posted 01.27.2015 at 1:15 a.m. by Teresa

Applications for the U.S. Department of Education’s 2011-2012 Teaching Ambassador Fellowship are now available online.

The Teaching Ambassador Fellowship was designed to enable outstanding teachers to bring their classroom expertise to the Department and expand their knowledge of the national dialogue about education.

More information about the program and application is available at

The application deadline is January 17, 2011.High quality the best and most fashionable cheap rolexcheap fake watches online of the replica watches store.

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CAT Scholarships Available to Math and Science Students

posted 01.27.2015 at 1:14 a.m. by Teresa

High school seniors and undergraduates seeking licensure to teach mathematics and science in grades 7- 12 are encouraged to apply for a CAT scholarship to help build a community of mathematics and science teachers for southeastern Ohio.

CAT scholarships can be awarded for up to four years at $4,000 per year at Ohio University’s Athens campus, Marietta College, Muskingum University, Shawnee State University and the University of Rio Grande. A modified version of the scholarship, which awards up to two years at $2,500 per year, is available at all five of Ohio University’s regional campuses (Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Southern and Zanesville).

Unlike traditional scholarship programs, CAT is a seven-year commitment. After graduating, CAT scholars have the opportunity to engage in a three-year professional induction program in one of the 29 Appalachian counties of Ohio.High quality the best and most fashionable cheap rolexcheap fake watches online of the replica watches store. The scholars will receive additional mentoring from university faculty during this time to help them set and reach professional development goals as beginning teachers.

Further details and an application form can be found at the following website:

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Ohio STEM: Southeast Regional Conference

posted 06.08.2010 at 7:21 a.m. by Teresa

SSU President Dr. Rita Rice Morris 

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland declared March 2010 as Ohio STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education Month and to celebrate hosted a statewide STEM conference in Columbus on March 2. Regional STEM conferences were scheduled to occur all across the state to continue the Governor’s charge to recognize STEM. The final Regional STEM Conference in Ohio was hosted in Portsmouth at Shawnee State University on May 21, 2010. Serving Ohio’s southeast region, the conference enjoyed attendance from over 150 participants representing education, business, civic and philanthropic sectors and served as a first step in the southeast STEM Initiative Planning Grant. 

Co-hosted by Ohio Appalachian Center for Higher Education, South East Ohio Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science, Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, and Shawnee State University with support from the State of Ohio, the Ohio STEM Learning Network and the National Governor’s Association, the conference was a unique opportunity for engaged and committed leaders from all sectors to gather in celebration of successful STEM efforts at work in the region and join in discussion to shape the vision of what a STEM Hub for southeastern Ohio will mean and how it can best equip our students with the 21st century skills necessary for success in a global workplace. With the exciting work of the planning grant ahead, the conference was a launching point for discussion between leaders from diverse, but related sectors, and emphasized the need for collaboration throughout the region to best serve our students and the region’s economy.

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Save the Date - Ohio Regional Stem Conference

posted 04.06.2010 at 10:43 a.m. by Teresa

The Southeat Ohio Regional STEM Conference is being held at Shawnee State University on Friday May 21, 2010.  Save the date.

OACHE hosts STEM Conference

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Congratulations to the TG Grant Recipients

posted 11.02.2009 at 11:28 a.m. by Teresa

Congratulations to the 2009 recipients of the TG Grant.  The winners were announced at the 16th Annual OACHE Conference hosted by Ohio University-Chillicothe.

John Roush accepting from Whiteoak High School, Highland County.


Joy Padgett accepting on behalf of Coshocton City Schools, Coshocton County.


Jim Arcuragi accepting from East Liverpool City Schools, Columbiana County.


Rick Edwards accepting from Eastern Local Schools, Meigs County.


Tim Amburgey accepting from Northwest Local Schools, Scioto County.


Cathleen Daniher accepting from Steubenville City Schools, Jefferson County.



Colette McFadden accepting from Switzerland of Ohio School District, Monroe County.


Sandy Myers accepting from South Point Local Schools for South Point Local, Lawrence County and Valley Local School District, Scioto County.

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A STEM Program for Girls

posted 01.15.2009 at 8:44 a.m. by Gina

The OACHE has been working with schools in the region to develop STEM programs and activities, as well as P-16 councils.

After attending meetings yesterday with regional schools discussing some of those very topics, I came back to the office to see an article on a STEM program that is targeting girls.

Project IT Girl is a Texas program that foster’s young women’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  The program was started with a grant from the National Science Foundation.

You can read the full article here.

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