K-12 Access Project 2009 Final Report

The purpose of this year-end report is to assess your OACHE Access Project's effectiveness, to collect information, and to help you identify any problem areas. The activities listed in this report form are drawn primarily from the Model Program. There is also space for you to report on other college-access activities you may have done that are not listed. Please include all relevant activities that encouraged your students to aspire to or prepare for college, even if the activity involved little or no cost! Some of our most innovative and effective strategies (e.g., assigning research projects comparing colleges) don’t cost a thing.

Please complete and submit this report by June 25, 2009 and mail your treasurer's signed fiscal report (download in PDF) to the OACHE when completed. If you have any questions about a question or would like to submit any supplemental materials related to your Access Project such as photos or printed materials, you may contact Laura Risler, OACHE Projects Manager, at lrisler@oache.org.

Thank you for your commitment to encouraging more students in Appalachian Ohio to pursue higher education!


Note: A * in the form below indicates a required field.


Optional report submittal form: If you are unable to submit your report using the above form, you may download and complete this Excel spreadsheet and email it to the OACHE, along with your National Clearinghouse student data and any other relevant files (e.g., copies of project newsletters, media coverage). Also, remember to have your treasurer's office complete, sign and submit the year-end fiscal report form.